Up Coming Seminars! We are planning several Digital Piano Workshops for 2018!


Check back often or Click Here to be placed on our Seminar list.  We will be sure to keep you in the loop in any up and coming Seminars.


Digital Pianos and your Church.

Understanding Digital Pianos and how they can benefit your church worship. We will discuss the benefits and features of Todays newest Digital pianos and advantages they can have over as an instrument used in Worship. You will hear how they sound in a Worship setting with and without a full worship team.  We will also colaberate and discuss sounds and features that help us stay fresh and currrent with some of todays current Contemporary Christian music. 

Getting Connected to your new  Digital piano!

Todays Digital Pianos offer incredible features!  Learn how to use those features. We will help you with connecting your tablet and/or phone and try to keep you up to date using the ever growing list of apps available for learning or just having fun! 

Piano Teachers Seminar.

This seminar will discuss ways to inspire students using technology availble through apps and your piano.  Todays students are very tech savy! Learn to inspire them with using your tablet and/or phone using apps that will want them coming back to you each and every week! Also, see what the latest technology in Digital pianos offers in conjuction to these apps.  We want to partner wih you to keep learning piano Fun!

Music Educators Seminar.

This seminar will discuss benefits of using Digital Pianos and Keyboards in a lab conference setup.  We will have a Lab setup for this seminar so you can experience it first hand!  Learn the benefits of the Lab and how you can teach from it.  We are hoping to answer all your questions pertaining to Teaching labs. You will see why a lot of schools and Music Educators are wanting to move toward Piano labs!  

View a past seminar below to see what you missed!


Music Educators Worshop

April 21st Music Educators Workshop 10:30 AM

Piano/Educators Seminars at Hilton Pianos in Colonie Center in Albany, NY. Open to all Piano Teachers wanting to "Keep The Music Playing"! Come Connect with other educators to explore ideas to partner tradition with Technology to Inspire creativity and enhance our students desire to make music. See the flyers for details!