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Modern Armchair

Yamaha Baby Grand Walnut

Very nice condition Yamaha GH1 baby in Beautiful Walnut finish.  This grand was manufactured in 1986 and is in very nice condition. Includes a matching bench, 3 Year Warranty on playing condition, local delivery and an in home tuning.

Livingroom Sofa

Yamaha C3 Grand

Yamaha C3 6'1" grand in Ebony Satin finish. Manufactured in 1972 and is being prepped for sale! This piano looks, sounds, and plays very well. All will be improved further as we finish our prep process.  This piano will sell quickly!

Relaxing Chair

Steinway 1098 Studio

Very nice condition Steinway studio built in 1976.  This ebony satin original condition Steinway is a one owner piano!  Sounds and plays excellant.  This piano is a fraction of what it cost new and will hold its value for many years to come. Save big on this piano.  Please come and try it for yourself!  

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Kawai Baby Grand

Kawai is a quality name in pianos.  This piano was manufactured in 1967 but still sings beautifully and has an excellant action. It was well cared for and will feature a 3 yr. warranty, bench, local delivery and tuning.  This is a very low price for a Kawai grand.  Please come play this piano and save big on a quality grand.

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Young Chang 6'1" G-185 Grand Piano

Just in!  A very nice sounding and playing 6'1" grand made in 1984.  We have been working on this piano for the last several days and it has really came around from when we first got it. It truly sounds great!  The tone is much more full then a baby grand which is to be expected. Good bass and the tone is well balanced.  This piano is a bargin for a piano in the 6' class.  Action plays well, finish does have some light scracthes but can be addressed. Overall, a very nice piano at a very resonable price! 

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Yamaha U1 Refurbished to like new condition!

This Factory refurbished Yamaha U1 is back to "like new" condition.  Everything that was needed to bring it to A1 condition was done.  New strings and repinned, new dampers, regulated action and completely buffed out finish gives this piano new life for decades to come. Come see, hear and play this piano to experience it for yourself.  Best part is it's price half of what a new one cost!

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Yamaha G2 5'7" Walnut finish grand

Very nice condition 1979 Yamaha grand that is priced to sell! Piano plays and sounds very good! It is a one owner piano before coming to the store and has little wear.  If you are looking for a very nice wood finish piano that is better and a little bigger than a baby grand then this piano may be for you. Compare our price on this model.  It won't last long!  

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Baldwin Console - Made in USA!

If white is the color you want you will not be disappointed!  This piano plays and sounds great! Comes with matching bench and a 3 yr. warranty. Great sounding small piano with some class!

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Yamaha Console piano in very nice condition!

This Yamaha console is beautiful and plays very well.  Tone is considered bright and clear on this piano.  Action is moderately light and fast. Very nice piano for someone looking for a quality trusted name brand piano with a beautiful wood cabinet.  

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Used piano specials!

Modern Armchair

Player piano -Young Chang professional upright

Updated New QRS PNO 3 player system installed on this used player upright piano. Enjoy thousands of songs being played from your smart phone, tablet and Now Alexa! The piano is has nice tone and action with the player sytem off but comes alive with the latest player system upgrade installed. A must see piano for someone looking for an upright player piano! Come see or even ask Alexa to play this piano for you in the store!

Sale $5495

Livingroom Sofa

Kawai GE-1 Baby Grand

This Kawai baby grand was manufacted in 1987 and is in very good condition.  Ebony polish finish with good tone and action.  Kawai pianos are great playing and sounding pianos and this piano is no different.  Save several thousand dollars from what a new Kawai baby grand would cost. This quality used grand that has decades more enjoyable playing time left on it and Kawai pianos have been known for their lasting quality and value. Includes: 3 yr. warranty, local delivery, tuning and matching bench.

Relaxing Chair

Roll player piano from the 1980's

Bring back the good old times with this not too old Beautiful Roll player piano! Feature electric mode or pump your own songs like they did many years ago.  This piano is worth it's price just as piano without the player, so it's a great deal with the player system! Comes with Lots of Rolls for your enjoyment.  Yes, you can still buy new rolls as well!  Great piano to play on and enjoy the payer part as well! 

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Yamaha Decorative Console piano.  

This Yamaha is a beautiful piano with more atttention to detail in the finish. Plays and sounds Yamaha great. Quality tone, action and finish is it's high points.  Come look and try this piano.  You will not be disappointed!

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Roland HP302 Closeout model!

This is the last of a special purchase through Roland on an older model.  Will come with a 5 yr. warranty, bench, local delivery and headphones.  Great practice piano at less than 1/2 price from new.!

Kawai Console

Kawai Console  Sale Price $1,895.00

Nice condition console piano that just arrived! Kawai is well known for quality pianos that are reliable and have a great action.  This piano will come with local delivery, matching bench, 1 complimentary tuining and a 3 Yr. warranty.

Steinway Model A2.

Sale Price $17,995

This grand is in the process of being rebuilt with a nw pinblock amd strings.  If interested please let us know and we will keep you informed on the progress.  This is a very desirable grand that had great tone before we started so expect this to be a great piano when we are done.  The piano has a new finish in black and we are estimating completed price to be $17,995!  

Kawai Console

Yamaha Disklavier Player Digital Grand  Sale Price $7,995.00

Excellant condition Yamaha Digital grand with Disklavier Player system with record! This is 4'11" Baby Grand not a mini grand.  It has a Yamaha piano action so it plays like a piano.  Has 2 headphone jacks for practice without hearing the piano.  A must see and hear piano! Very hard to find piano!!!

Kawai Console

Kawai Console.

Sale Price $2,195.00

Excellant condition Kawai Console built in 1993.  This is a single owner piano and has been well maintained.  piano comes with a 3 Yr. Warranty, Matching bench, local delivery and 1 complimentary tuning.

Hallet & Davis Console

Sale Price $1,895

Very Nice condition console piano approximately 12 Years old. Has a 3Yr. Warranty. Includes; Bench, local delivery and 1 free tuning in home.  This piano is available new at $3,295 so this piano is a bargin from the new price!  

Kawai Console piano in Queen Ann Cabinetry

Sale price $2495.00


 Kawai Console in "Excellent Condition" with Queen Ann Cherry cabinetry.  Includes: Matching Bench, Delivery, 1 complimentary in home tuning and a 3 Yr. warranty.

Mason & Hamlin Model A Grand 5'8".

Sale Price $8,995.00


Model A 5'8" in a Mohogany finish.  A Very nice older grand with one of the most respected American piano manufacters in the piano business. Piano has been restrung in the last 5 years and has all new whippens and hammers! Also comes with a $600.00 Quality Leather Adjustable Artist Bench!


Yamaha U2 Black professional upright.  

Sale Price $3495.00


Quality piano measuring 50" in height.  Plays and looks very nice.


Includes: Bench and local delivery, 3 Yr. Warranty and 1 Complimentary tuning.

1896 Steinway Upright

Steinway Upright from 1896


Another Steinway upright with character.  Please come visit us to see this unique looking older Steinway.  Currnetly this piano is under Restoration and will soon be singing again with new strings.  If interested please let us know and we will keep you informed on it progress!

Kawai Console piano "Like New"

Sale price $2495.00

Very Nice condition console piano which includes: Matching Bench, Local Delivery, 3 Yr. Warranty and 1 complmentary in home tuning. 

Yamaha G1 grand

Yamaha G1 Baby Grand in Walnut finish.

Sale Price $6,995.00


This piano looks and plays very well!  Comes with 3 Yr. Warranty bench and local delivery.



Yamaha U3 52" Professional upright

Sale price $2,995.00

Nice Older U3 Professional upright that plays and sounds great! Comes with hard to find matching adjustable Yamaha Piano chair.


Kawai UST-7 Studio Piano  $1,895.00


This Kawai 46" studio is a proven reliable piano for decades for schools ,churches, Teachers and homes.  


This is a great sounding, great playing piano that will give you many more years of realiable qualty piano playing.

Includes: Matching bench, local delivery, 3 Yr. warranty and 1 complimentary tuning.


Steinway upright from 1886


This older Steinway upright is unlike many others around its age.  Not only does this have character in it looks but still has good tone and the action plays well.  Original ivories are in nice condtion and needs very little to be a nice practice piano for years to come.  Come see this Stunning upright that was tastefully refinished some years back. 

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Yamaha U2 50" professioanl Upright